I will achieve clarity, focus and will reach all of my goals

It is hard to express in writing the impact that coaching has has on my life. I initially agreed to six sessions as a means to discuss some of the issues I face as Chair within a third sector organisation. Sue explained to me what coaching was and wasn't and gave me the freedom to be coached in a way that was most appropriate for me. Sue helped me to develop goals which I hadn't even thought of and also gave me an opportunity to address smaller, everyday concerns. Coaching has completely altered my thought process and has given me the freedom and forum for open expression and to be challenged safely. I am completely free to talk about what I need to share without fear of showing weakness or being judged and that is so powerful. Coaching has allowed me to work towards making myself a better Chair but has also had a much broader impact. I am working on my own barriers; it has even helped me to communicate better in personal relationships.

Needless to say, I have requested that my coaching be extended and we are now working on developing a longer-term action plan with real outcomes and goals. I have recommended coaching and more specifically Sue as a coach, to other professionals. I am sure that by continuing to be coached I will achieve clarity, focus and will reach all of my goals sooner than expected. Sue is an absolute star and an excellent coach. She is supportive, intuitive and caring but is also confident to challenge in a constructive way. It is a pleasure to be coached by her.

David Teasdale Chair, George House Trust

I truly am a very different person

Sue started coaching me just after I had left my corporate job and was starting up in business on my own. I didn't really know what I was doing and this impacted on other areas of my life too. I had some challenges, but my situation presented lots of new opportunities too.

Sue helped me to look in a systematic way at my big life vision and the goals in several different parts of my life, and coached me through identifying bridges and stepping stones to get to my next steps on my journey towards my goals.
Sue is perceptive, intuitive and empathic. She really helped me keep on track but not in a blinkered way; somehow she helped me in practical and mindset ways to get to a place where my road really did "rise up to meet me", and I am now literally living my dream, and with more dreams to come true!

If there's an area of your life you don't want to delve into, maybe it's uncomfortable or you have an automatic learned response to avoid it, Sue won't force you to face it, but you will find that as you work with her this area will make itself known and you will be able to deal with it easily and with no stress, in a way you hadn't thought possible.

She's also available face to face or on Skype, which was really flexible for me as I live in two countries (part of that dream I'm living!).

Thanks so much Sue for our coaching work, I truly am a very different person from the one who sent that first email to you!

Debbie Busby Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist

Set me up in the right direction

Many thanks for your help over the last few months, it's been great to work with you and a really helpful experience which has set me up in the right direction and focused my energy on the values and goals that matter the most.

Mike Stephens Senior Developer, Creative Agency in Manchester

Incredibly positive, encouraging and supportive

I saw Sue for 12 coaching sessions and am now taking a break to consolidate and maintain what I have learned and achieved in coaching. She has been incredibly positive, encouraging and supportive in our sessions, and has helped me to make lasting changes to my life. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anybody who is interested in embarking on a coaching journey.

Thank you Sue!

Alison Teacher

A useful sounding board

Sue's support enabled me to identify what my goals were in relation to a management restructure process. She helped me to crystalise both what I would do and the timescale in which I would work to and she provided me with a useful sounding board for my ideas.

IN Leeds City College

Find solutions to situations

Having the coaching sessions has enabled me to focus on not only my long time goal but also the short term ones. Coaching has given me new confidence in my skills and abilities, by helping me find solutions to situations which previously had seemed too difficult to overcome. It has elicited from me characteristics and knowledge which had become lost as I became bogged down in work and day to day activities. Most importantly I have now got a more positive ‘can do’ attitude to life and am able to view hurdles or obstructions in a less emotional way. What coaching has shown me is that, it is not always the shortest journey that brings success!

Patricia Goodwin Owner of Cake

Ability to keep me focused

My coaching sessions with Sue had a positive and life changing impact on my family and myself. After 3 years of struggling to get my professional career started, coaching has got me 2 interviews and a job.

Coaching has helped me to become a confident and competent practitioner. Sue is a brilliant coach and I'm so grateful for all her hard work and her ability to keep me focused when trying to juggle family and job demands.

NF Occupational Therapist, London

Overall impact of Coaching for me:

• Increased confidence/self -esteem
• Assisted me to determine personal/professional goals
• Assisted me to problem solve and draw up effective strategies/tool box for my future use
• Assisted me to remain focused on a positive future

Karen Metcalfe Occupational Therapist

Raised my self-awareness

Sue has encouraged me to develop ways to deal with my situation using my own knowledge and past experiences, which has raised my self-awareness to actively make me work on my action plan.

My level of confidence has improved and I have become more focused towards my objectives.
Sue made me feel very comfortable to open up to her and she is very skillful.

Thank you so much, Sue, for your great support.

Antonio Rufolo Restaurant Manager

Really made me think about what I wanted

Sue coached me between March and October 2016. I currently combine a number of career roles, a mix of employed and self employed, and wanted help in clarifying what to do with all the opportunities that this way of working presents. Sue was not only a great listener, but quickly managed to make sense of all the projects I’m involved with and asked excellent questions that really made me think about what I wanted longer term. Around session 3 my vision for the future started to become much clearer, and Sue then helped me to shape this vision into a plan. I would highly recommend Sue as a coach, she takes an extremely professional approach, is fully client focused and has great experience to refer to from her years in management positions.

Andy Hawley

Really helped the team move forward

Facilitator brought a good balance of knowledge and structure to free thinking space and discussion, really helped the team move forward

Dianne Draper Health Improvement Manager, Cumbria and Lancashire PHE Centre

Enabled me to stay focused

I found the coaching sessions highly beneficial and enjoyable and started to look forward to each session. Sue was a great coach: she was flexible, easy to talk to and enabled me to stay in focus. My goal shifted periodically during and in-between sessions as I started to make progress and work through the actions.

Overall the sessions increased my self-awareness and were productive in propelling me into action. I felt that Sue was with me on my journey, sometimes she would remember content from previous sessions which I had forgotten. I was quite sad the sessions had to end; I would have welcomed a few more.

Jenny Rowlands

A massive help to me

Hi Sue, I just wanted to say Happy New Year to you. Also to say you were a massive help to me last year. Thank you so much! I've not had a drink or a cigarette for 9 months now and feel fantastic. I left my old job end of last year. I'm visiting my sister in America this year, she is getting married. Also, I now look after a beautiful black Friesian horse for a local lady, so I get regular riding is in exchange for a bit of help. Things really went well after our meet up. I thought it would be nice to get a bit of positive feedback for your start to the new year. Thank you! I may be in touch this year again for new goals to set. Thank you for your help you were wonderful. X have a great new year


Think about things differently

Coaching gave me the opportunity to discuss: ideas, feelings, problems and concerns without the feeling of being judged or stigmatized in any way. The regular contact with Sue has helped me to focus more on the here and now, rather than dwell on the past.

The sessions with Sue were extremely open, honest and more importantly friendly, having an opportunity to express your feelings and just talk freely without interruption. Sue will never tell you what you should do, but will make you think about things differently so that you come to your own conclusions by asking yourself those pertinent questions and formulating your own hypothesises.

I can now see the bigger picture, and with the support and coaching from Sue I have managed to realize that I cannot control everything and that change, even though sometimes is difficult there is always another door to open.

I feel that I have become more focused on what it is I want out of life, and out of my career. I am able to take control of my own destiny and forge a new future. The coaching experience I have received has been extremely supportive, open, honest and has allowed me to develop my own personal strengths and explore my areas of concern. Sue has provided me with clear objectives and has allowed me time to consider these to formulate my own outcomes (sometimes these took longer than expected, but we got there in the end). You cannot rush through these coaching sessions as it takes a while for trust and respect to be gained by both parties, but now I feel that Sue is more of a friend than a coach, but the type of friend you can confide in without feeling afraid or judged.

HS Head of Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Leeds City College

Enjoyed the time out to think and reflect

I enjoyed the time out to think/reflect on successes as well as areas to develop in strategic planning, with follow up from previous sessions to keep me focused. This helped me to learn new skills, giving me time to put these into practice, recognising progress and accomplishments. I have increased my awareness of team building, initiated and developed a new staffing structure and am more self-assured, a much better communicator and less stressed! I am confident that I am doing a good job and work with a great team. I see people and myself differently and spend more time thinking about dynamics in the team and as a result am less likely to personalise things. Overall, the coaching I received from Sue has been very positive, I was committed to the process and enjoyed finding out more about behaviour styles with the DISC profiling session for the team.

LW School Leader

Learn to love the job you have!

I entered coaching following a somewhat unexpected promotion in my job and with a somewhat vague notion that I hadn’t really planned to arrive at this particular point in my career and had allowed (as most people do) events to take their own course.

My initial reasons for entering coaching were driven to a large extent from anxiety arising from the job change, but as soon as I started working with Sue, it was clear there was a much bigger picture to explore. My own experience of coaching and working with Sue has been to work out whether where I found myself in my career was really where I wanted to be. This was not an easy question and for me this involved looking at my tendency to day-dream about other (I imagined), better and more fulfilling jobs, about which I knew very little.

Working through this process and formulating plans to tackle the most difficult parts of my current job, I naturally and over time, came to the conclusion that my current job gave me all I wanted from a career, but it needed some adjustments to make it fit better into my life, values and priorities. I would say the greatest benefit to the process was being able to commit to what I am doing now and be more deliberate in how I approach my career.

Sue has the skill of not leading with her own opinions, but listening and teasing out what really matters, encouraging commitment to changes in a structured way and allowing the process to unfold and decisions to emerge without forcing them. Not an easy thing to do. I would recommend the process to anyone finding themselves in a job they never chose, you never know you might find, like me, it’s actually the right one after all.

Cirion Real Estate Director

Sessions were tailored specifically to where we were as a team

The conversations that we had (with the facilitator) before the session were incredibly useful. It meant that the sessions were tailored specifically to where we were at as a team. I was able to explain fully what I felt we needed and the best thing was I felt understood by someone who had been there herself as a manager. I had a clear idea what I wanted the day to be like and to achieve for the team and Sue got it without me having to try too hard to explain any more than that.

Being able to sit back and not take responsibility for the planning or delivery of the session and to feel in safe hands with someone who was warm and friendly – and funny! - and clearly in tune with what we needed.……..some of us shifted from precipices to the point at the end of the day where we all chose the same photo ………to represent us was nothing short of a miracle! That was fantastic and worth having the day just for that experience.

EB Children’s Centre Manager, Lancashire

I found the whole coaching process incredibly powerful

I worked with Sue during the latter part of 2019 and into early 2020. I initially contacted Sue as I felt completely stuck, stressed and unhappy at work and frustrated with my life in general. I knew I needed to make changes but I didn't know what these changes looked like or where to start, and I was making myself miserable thinking about it but doing very little to change things. Then I spoke to Sue.

My meetings with Sue took place over the phone. Initially I was a little sceptical about this, as I tend to work best when I can be face to face with people but due to time constraints this wasn't possible for me. I was pleasantly surprised however, as the first time I spoke too Sue, it felt like I'd known her for years. She has a way connecting with you very quickly and making the whole interaction feel very natural. I felt totally comfortable talking to Sue and she uses her coaching skills extremely effectively to help you identify your values and motivations. A lot of our work focused on values, as during our sessions it became apparent to me how powerful these are in my life and how important it is for me to work congruously with them. This process has been so valuable for me, as it has helped to me understand how important it is for me to consider my values before making decisions.

I found the whole coaching process incredibly powerful. I am hugely grateful to Sue for helping me to understand what motivates me and supporting me to find some direction in my life. I now feel much more excited about my life and all the possibilities that lay ahead. I am about to start a new job, am socializing more, have started regularly exercising, am about to start working with an amateur dramatics group in my local community and have joined the WI. This may not sound a lot to some people but when I started coaching, I was so de-motivated and barely did anything other than work. I feel I now have the balance in life that I always wanted to achieve.

I couldn't recommend Sue and life coaching enough.


Thought provoking and productive

Our team away day that Sue facilitated was thought provoking and productive. The personality profiling was particularly popular and gave us all a greater understanding of how we work with other people and how to work effectively with them

Susanna Sewell Business Manager / Centre Team Leader, Cumbria & Lancashire Centre Public Health England

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