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I work mainly with the team, personal development and wellbeing arena, and provide services to Human Resources and Organisational Development departments, including Occupational Health.  I deliver team development, one to one coaching, supervision, mentoring and support interventions to your workforce.  Some of this work involves supporting your staff through organisational restructures, including organisational and personal change, redeployment and redundancy.


I also work in the voluntary sector with CEO's and board members. The benefits of working with a coach in this way include the commitment to future focused action that brings about lasting change for the organisation as a whole.  Providing external and confidential support to the head of the organisation maintains your integrity and accountability to the organisation's objectives while giving the opportunity to reflect on the context of the social, regulatory, ethical, stakeholder and market environment.  Coaching supports and strengthens your resilience while managing the responsibilities of the board to act in the best interest of the organisation.


I work with people in high-pressure environments to work smarter not harder, balancing the responsibilities of the role with the ethical dilemmas that come with this, maintaining a healthy work/life balance.


 My expertise includes:


  • Defining long-term vision and purpose

  • Broad scanning

  • Business development

  • Goal setting, planning and prioritisation

  • Honest and constructive feedback

  • Challenging organisational and cultural comfort zones

  • Finding new ways of working


I deliver team building and development packages that are individually tailored to meet your needs, with a range of team coaching, group work, and individual exercises.  I can include feedback and follow-up sessions every few months if necessary to implement action plans and support you to manage change.  We will meet to consult on your requirements, plan and prepare appropriate interventions and facilitate your event to run smoothly.


Start-Up Businesses


I have the first-hand experience of setting up my own business, learning from my own mistakes helped me, but there are some things I wish I'd had my own coach for! I have recent experience of coaching small start-up companies. We can use a diagnostic assessment, the Leadership Dashboard Model, to coach individuals and teams in the early stages of setting up their own businesses.  This works by keeping things simple, focusing on the important issues for your business and coaching you to keep on track.


Personality Profiling


I use personality profiling for individuals and teams to gain deeper insights into their strengths and weaknesses, where appropriate.  DISC profiling is an assessment tool that enables you to identify different behaviour and personality traits that can be grouped into four categories, factors or elements: D, I, S & C.  These categories give an insight into how different traits are expressed in each different personality and how these factors interact with each other. This helps you to:


  • Communicate effectively according to the DISC category of the person you are communicating with, in relation to your DISC category

  • Understand your own personal motivations and behaviours – and those of others

  • Identify your preferred personal, social, familial and business environments- and those of others

  • Achieve your goals in an effective and successful way

  • Ensure that you include or manage the people in both your personal and business life so that your interactions are effective and enjoyable

To learn more about DISC profiling and the workshops I provide, please click here



I have experience in facilitation for multi-agency and multidisciplinary groups of people with real-life dilemmas that need a resolution.  I seek consensus with innovative solutions and support the development of implementation plans back in the workplace, if appropriate.  I work at Board level to customer/user groups in statutory, voluntary and independent sectors to supports organisations to develop and grow. 

To learn more about facilitation, please click here


Health, Wellbeing and Happiness


Health, wellbeing and happiness impacts on performance and the bottom line of results. I deliver coaching as a wellbeing and personal development intervention to Human Resources and Occupational Health Departments for staff under pressure or facing changes to their organisations, teams and working life. Coaching can support the practice of maintaining a work-life balance that increases staff psychological and physical wellbeing, productivity and performance.  In times of change, offering support to individuals in this way sends a clear message to the organisation as a whole that you continue to value and support your staff, even if you may be unable to continue to employ them.


Career Development


Throughout their career, individuals need to take the time out to think about the direction they want to take next, either in the short or long term.  I work with people to make the right decisions about their career by focusing on their achievements, values and strengths, exploring the opportunities that are available to meet these, tailoring their cv and application form skills and preparing for presentations and interviews to secure the job of their dreams. 

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