Individual coaching

Goal Clarity/ CV & Interview Skills/Navigating Office Dynamics/Balance Work, Life, Family/Earning The Money You Deserve/Breaking Through Barriers


One-to-one coaching


I support individuals throughout their career lifecycle at whatever point in their journey they find themselves. One- to-one coaching involves a confidential conversation between two people where the agenda is set by you to focus on what it is you want to change. This could be confidence, behaviours or leadership style. We then work together in a solution focused way gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others and unlock your potential to become more successful. This can reduce the pressure you feel when things are tough, challenging and isolating by working with a trustworthy coach to regain the rewards and excitement that may be missing from your career. We can work together to:


  • Improve your confidence as a leader

  • Make the impact you want to influence others

  • Increase your personal resilience

  • Work in your stretch zone to test out new ways of working

  • Manage and monitor your own performance


Health, wellbeing and happiness


Research tells us that the health, wellbeing and happiness of workers impacts on performance and the bottom line. Coaching is used as a wellbeing intervention for staff under pressure or facing changes to their organisations, teams and working life. Coaching can support the practice of maintaining a work-life balance that increases your psychological and physical wellbeing, productivity and performance.


Career development


Throughout our career, we sometimes need to take the time out to think about the direction we want to take next, either in the short or long term. We can work together to ensure you make the right decisions about your career by focusing on your achievements, values and strengths, exploring the opportunities that are available to meet these, tailoring your CV and application form and preparing for presentations and interviews to secure the job of your dreams.


My coaching sessions with Sue had a positive and life changing impact on my family and myself. After 3 years of struggling to get my professional career started, coaching has got me 2 interviews and a job.
NF Occupational Therapist, London

I am offering you a 30-minute Free Telephone Call to see if you think we can work together. All you have to do call me on 07971210748 or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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