Life coach

Personal Development Coach in Greater Manchester & Online 

As a personal development coach, I work with individuals and teams to get them moving on leadership and personal performance, because sometimes we all need a bit of a push in the right direction.


With 20 years of experience in social care and management, I am highly skilled in helping people identify goals and the stumbling blocks that might be stopping you from reaching them. I would love to help you move closer to the life that you deserve with my tailored personal development coaching approach.


Based in Manchester, I work with clients across Greater Manchester including Lancashire and Derbyshire. I also offer personal development coaching online across the UK through a secure video connection.


Whether you are looking for a life coach for your personal wellbeing or on the hunt for help with continuing professional development, I would love to guide you.

My Personal Development Coaching Approach

Each personal development coach has their unique approach. I will coach you to understand why you do the things you do while objectively looking at what you want in life. This means I will actively work with you to make the changes you need to make, at a pace that is comfortable for you.


As your dedicated professional and personal development coach, I will help you get to where you want to be much quicker than if you were working on your own by identifying realistic goals and working through your options.  Your plan will keep you on track with forward-focused actions.

Personal Coaching & Stress Counselling for Busy People

Sometimes work can consume all our energy and take focus away from the basic building blocks of life. My personal development coaching often includes elements of stress counselling which will help you manage your stressors and cope with the pressures at work.


Whether you are based in Greater Manchester, Lancashire or anywhere else in the UK, let me help you find balance and cope with your busy life.


To get started, get in touch today and benefit from a free 30-minute consultation.

Are you:


  • Feeling stuck and want to re-focus on where you are going?

  • Sensing that something is missing in your life?

  • Feeling like you have lost yourself along the way?

  • Unsure how to put your dreams (and yourself) first?

  • Not doing the work you know you’re supposed to be doing?

  • Way too busy to think about setting goals?

Through personal development coaching you can:


  • Achieve more than you thought possible

  • Be clear about what direction you are moving in, and more importantly, why

  • Learn to make decisions that move you forward rather than hold you back

  • Present yourself with confidence

  • Focus on what is important to you

Personal Development

I support individuals throughout their career lifecycle at whatever point in their journey they find themselves. One- to-one coaching involves a confidential conversation between two people where the agenda is set by you to focus on what it is you want to change.

Continuing Professional Development

CPD benefits both employers and employees. For employers it ensures the standards across the company are high and consistent. For the employee it helps them to keep their knowledge and skills up to date. With my CPD accreditation I am able to present each client I work with an individual certificate confirming our work together.

Organisational Development

I work with people in high-pressure environments to work smarter not harder, balancing the responsibilities of the role with the ethical dilemmas that come with this, maintaining a healthy work/life balance.