What is personal performance coaching?

Coaching is a form of learning where a person (coach) works with someone else (coachee) to create the necessary environment for self-development that improves performance. Coaching should not be confused with counselling or guidance. Coaching does not provide therapy or answers to your issues. The coach’s role is to enable you to focus on the future and to find the answers for yourself. The coach will enable you to set realistic but challenging goals and get better results in relation to things like work, personal circumstances, lifestyle and career development to:

  • Improve the sense of direction and focus
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Increase the ability to relate to and influence others
  • Improve personal effectiveness

What can I expect from my coach?

  • To provide you with one to one support
  • To focus solely on your situations
  • To commit to supporting you to find solutions to the challenges you are facing
  • To commit to understanding your experiences
  • To support you to reflect on those experiences and enable clarity of understanding where needed
  • To support you to rise to the challenges you face
  • To maintain your confidentiality at all times

What will my coach expect from me?

  • To be committed to the coaching process
  • To contribute to the conversations openly and honestly
  • To be willing to try new ideas and actions
  • To be willing to challenge any self-deceptions you may have that hinder your progress
  • To be willing to step outside your comfort zone on occasions in order to progress with your goals and achievements

How frequently will I be coached?

Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. I will negotiate this with you and tailor this to your needs. After an introductory telephone session, we will agree on how you want to be coached, this will include the frequency, time and structure of the sessions for you to prepare for, and experience, the full benefit of coaching.

How long will my coaching session last?

The sessions will normally last up to 60 minutes and will be delivered by video conferencing (Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp or Facetime) or telephone. We can change the times and frequency of your sessions so they support you when you need them. This could mean a 30-minute catch-up phone call to check-in for a quick boost or 90-minute sessions if we need to focus on a particular issue. The sessions are yours and they are bespoke, tailored to what you want to get from them.

Where will the sessions take place?

I will discuss this with you to make sure you are comfortable. Some people like be coached in their work-place others prefer a neutral venue or from the comfort of their own home, with video conferencing we can meet almost anywhere. The main thing is that we can have a confidential conversation where we can hear each other without distractions.

What do I need to bring to the sessions?

You will get the most from your sessions if you are well prepared and free from distractions. You need a pen and notepad to write down your goal, actions and other significant information. This will help you keep track of your progress too.

How flexible are the sessions?

We will work together completely at your pace, depending on what your challenges are. We will be using telephone or video conferencing which gives more flexibility, depending on your schedule. I need enough notice to make sure we have time to focus on your issues.

Are sessions confidential?

Everything discussed in the coaching sessions is completely confidential. As a registered social worker, the Code of Ethics of Social Work England, the professional body that regulates the social work profession, binds me. In line with the requirements of the Information Commissioners Office, personal information is stored securely in confidence.

What happens if I am late or have to cancel because of unforeseen circumstances?

A full 24-hour’s notice is required for the cancellation of appointments, where possible. You may be charged for missed sessions, depending on your circumstances. The session can be rescheduled at your convenience. If you are late, you may not receive the full length of the session, again depending on the circumstances. If I have to cancel your session you will, of course, get as much notice as possible.

How much will it cost?

I will tailor this to what you need to get from coaching. I offer a range of options from single sessions to discount packages as I want to work with people who have made a commitment to make some long term changes. If I ask you to pay in advance and you are unhappy with your sessions or change your mind then I will refund all unused sessions. I offer a free 30-minute telephone session to find out if I am the right coach for you. Click here to view my plans and pricing A one-hour coaching session is invaluable. Think about how much you pay to get your car serviced, have your hair cut or nails manicured, seek advice from an accountant or solicitor etc. For each of these services, you are paying not only for their time, you are paying for their expertise, experience and skill. Coaching is no different, you are investing in developing yourself and make lasting changes, this could be the best investment you will ever make.

Take advantage of my free 30-minute Discovery Call to find out how I can help you.

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