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If you want to know a bit more about me, then please just ask.  I'm a down to earth kind of person, practical, friendly and genuinely interested in people.  Take a look at my testimonials and see what other people say about me.  I am based in Manchester but thanks to the internet and mobile phone apps I can work with you almost anywhere.


I am a registered social worker with Social Work England (registration number SW81757) and a qualified personal performance coach.  I have management and leadership qualifications with extensive experience at a senior level of managing staff and services in the public, private and voluntary sector.  I am also accredited by the CPD Standards Office.


I trained as a social worker because I believe in the individuals' capacity to change, with the right support at the right time, to almost anything.   I moved into managing teams and services as I wanted to make a difference on a bigger scale to organisations and their service delivery.  I believe that it is the people who are the heart of an organisation and it is they who have the potential and ability to achieve the most when it matters the most.

Some of my greatest professional achievements to date include a senior management post held in the NHS, managing community out-patient drug treatment services in Manchester.  I was instrumental in the development and delivery of the largest NHS drug treatment centre for crack cocaine users in the UK, recruiting, training and developing the staff teams to work in communities across Manchester.  I developed service user and volunteer programmes, working with and for vulnerable adults to reach their full potential.  I managed services within an NHS Mental Health Trust and have extensive experience in managing teams by developing the people within those teams to perform at their best under pressure.  This often included challenging organisational culture with innovative ideas, resolving problems with inventive solutions and sharing complex issues with stakeholders for wider resolution.


I now coach individuals and teams to work out where they are and what they value and believe in. We then work to set goals and actively take steps to reach their full potential.  I believe that taking time out of your life to do this is a necessity.  Investing in yourself and your business by taking care of your learning, development and wellbeing should not be a luxury.  I also believe that you can achieve significant success with some changes to how you think and behave, and I work with individuals and organisations who are achieving exactly that. 

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